This is the tragicomic story of two lovers who cannot ever get together. Sener is the son of a simple family in the village and he is in love with the village headman’s daughter Mujde. Kaya is also in love with Mujde. With Kaya’s misleading, Mujde’s father is against her marriage with Sener and does everything to prevent it. Sener goes to Istanbul and becomes a famous singer, Mujde follows him. Sener gets blind in an accident, and Mujde gets blind as he is cured. Sener gets amnesia, though he marries Mujde and gets healed. One mishap follows the other.. They come together, get separated, and reunite.. The mishaps go on till they get old and die.. They hope to reunite in the life after death, yet there too Kaya is waiting for them..

Release Date: 1 January 1970

Runtime: 105 min


Director: Ertem Egilmez


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